5 Ways to Give



Online giving is a safe and easy way to support Seventh Street Christian Church. You may choose to give a single gift or establish a recurring contribution using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. To get started select "General Operating Fund", "Remembrance Fund", or "Local Outreach" from the drop-down field below, fill in your phone number including area code, and then click on the "Donate Here" button.

Donation Fund

*Billing Phone Number: (format = 111-222-3333)



An automatic payment can be made by using your bank's electronic bill pay service. From your checking or savings account, you can set up a recurring bill pay or one-time donation. This means you never have to worry about remembering to write your tithe and offering check, even if you are out of town. If prompted by your bank's bill pay account, please enter the following:

Biller name: Seventh Street Christian Church

Biller Address: 4101 Grove Ave, Richmond, VA 23221

Bill Phone: 804-358-4194


By Phone:

Call Monday-Thursday, 9 A.M.-1 P.M.
You may set up a recurring contribution or one-time gift using a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.


By Worship Offering:

You may choose to make your contributions through our Sunday offering that is taken up during 11 A.M. worship service.

We hope these 5 methods of giving make it easier and more convenient for you to contribute to Seventh Street Christian Church.

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By Mail:
Seventh Street Christian Church
Attn: Treasurer
4101 Grove Ave
Richmond, VA 23221

General Operating Fund

Contributions for the General Operating Fund will be used for:



Stewardship Campaign will run from October 1-15

A letter was sent out this week with pledge cards for the Stewardship Campaign. The pledge cards must be turned in by October 15.

We will celebrate Consecration Sunday with a luncheon following worship service on October 15

Money is a powerful symbol and how we use money symbolizes what is important to us. We indicate love for God and love for our neighbor when we use our money on behalf of the whole community. During this campaign, you will have an opportunity to make a financial pledge for the 2018 fiscal year. I hope you will participate, not just for practical budgeting purposes, but also as an act of generosity and grace.

Remembrance Fund

Please write "Remembrance Fund" in the memo line of the check. Include the person's name in which this contribution is being made in remembrance of: in the comment field online; in a note sent with the check; or by informing the person taking the donation by phone.

Local Outreach

If you wish for your contribution to go toward a designated area within the Local Outreach category, please specify in the comment field online; in the memo line on the check; or by informing the person taking the donation over the phone.